Yarra House : Melbourne : Australia

Victoria (the state) is by far at the top of my list when it comes to Australian Architecture.

Yarra house celebrates modern Australian family life in its generosity of space, without ostentation, that is both practical and serviceable.   The palette is natural and subtle, respecting its materiality, with an emphasis on the handcrafted.

The focal point and central pivot of the house is a sculptural circular staircase.  This transitional element divides the entire double-storey space as it stretches out into a steeply sloping site.

Curved surfaces play against rigid lines in a style that the architects describe as ‘archaic’ – an effortless blend of both the primitive and artistic. Substance was the primary factor in the selection of timbers, stone and every other interior feature.

One seems to get lost in the beauty where the floors become walls; walls become ceilings; and ceilings open up to sky.

Light cascades down oak and white plastered surfaces. It washes over limestone and marble, illuminating art, furniture and every handcrafted and natural surface throughout the house.

Project : Yarra House

Architect : Leeton pionton Architects

In association with Susi Leeton Architects

Photography : Peter Bennetts

Painting : Song Ling and works can be found at Eva Breuer Art Dealer

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